Bytes Garage to launch with support from The David Cross Young People’s Fund

Bytes Garage to launch with support from The David Cross Young People's Fund

The Bytes Project is delighted to announce that we have secured funding from The David Cross Young People’s Fund and the Community Foundation Northern Ireland that will allow us to run the new Bytes Garage programme from 2021 onwards.

Bytes Garage is a youth led entrepreneurship programme, that aims to unite young people from socially disadvantaged backgrounds and break down social, religious and inter-personal barriers.

In a shared safe space, participants will be able to speak out and make their voices heard, while also gaining transferable skills. The entrepreneurial component of the programme will see young people develop their own business ideas and develop them, culminating in an enterprise expo, where participants will showcase their work.

To facilitate Bytes Garage, the David Cross Fund will allow us to provide formal, accredited qualifications as part of the programme, as well as providing funding to enable participants to launch their business ventures. 

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